Introduction: The Puma Pro Flight Controller redefines the PC helicopter simulation landscape by merging solid metal construction, precise handling, and an extensive array of controls.
With meticulous design details, an innovative control mechanism, and exceptional packaging and customer support, this device offers enthusiasts an unparalleled and immersive journey through virtual skies.

Build and Construction: The Puma Pro Flight Controller is Crafted with a robust metal frame and has plastic Joystick grip and cyclic control “box”. However, with the metal frame being the only parts that move, I have zero concerns about the plastic, and I believe that the build and design of The Puma Pro Flight Controller ensures its longevity and introduces a heightened sense of realism to your simulation setup. Upon initial inspection, the controller exuded quality, with each component feeling sturdy and well-crafted. The solid metal construction not only contributes to durability but also adds a tangible sense of authenticity to the overall flying experience.

Packaging and Setup Experience: The Puma Pro Flight Controller arrived in a package that highlighted the manufacturer’s commitment to preserving the integrity of the product. The packaging was robust, and each component was carefully secured, leaving no room for potential damage during transit. The unboxing experience was a testament to the attention given to every detail. The included instructions were not only well-presented but also intuitive and easy to follow. I encountered only one issue, a mistake on my part, and when I reached out to the company for support, they immediately recognized the error and provided clear instructions on how to correct it. I attribute my mistake to not following the particularly important instruction of not eating all the included gummy bears at once and only during critical stages of setup. My mistake. This level of customer support significantly enhanced the overall satisfaction with the product.
Controls: The Puma Pro Flight Controller stands out with its exceptional range of buttons and switches, each meticulously designed to assign critical functions for an immersive helicopter experience.
The collective control features two momentary push buttons, two two-position switches, a three-position switch, two hat switches, and working rotating throttle on the cyclic.. 

Complementing this, the joystick incorporates three momentary buttons, a one-stage trigger, and an additional hat switch. 
If you wish for even more inputs there is an Airbus style grip which allows for even more inputs

One thing to note: The Puma Pro Flight controller we received for viewing did not have the Toe Brakes option, but I would recommend getting them if you plan on doing anything other than hover taxiing or landing in particularly hairy locations.

The control mechanism is designed to replicate a helicopter’s behavior. This design enables users to move the stick and maintain position without the typical spring-loaded return, it does come with a tool that allows you to adjust the firmness of the joystick, allowing you to customize the feel from a stiff joystick and cyclic to something softer and easier to move if you wish. This innovation sets the Puma Pro Flight Controller apart from conventional spring-loaded joystick alternatives, enhancing precision and providing a truly immersive simulation experience.

However, I do wish there was a way to move the controls up even more. As someone who is 6 foot 3. I always have all my chairs at the highest setting and when the Puma Pro Flight Controller is being used, I must lower my chair a decent amount to be able to comfortably use the device. If they include an extension arm or something like that then I would not have that issue. However, as I realize I am the exception not the rule in this regard, I completely understand that this is something most users will not have to worry about. 

I also wish there were some sort of indicator of the controls being in the “Center” position. As someone who is 100% a VR flyer, I am finding it hard to return my controls to the perfect center. How can they do this? I am not certain. Maybe when you get to the center you can feel a tiny bump, or something. However, I also realize this is personal preference and the real thing most likely does not have this. That is just my opinion.

Compatibility and Setup: Setting up the Puma Pro Flight Controller is a seamless process, with compatibility across a range of PC flight simulation software. The system uses a plug and play system so your pc will just recognize the device. My only complaint is the hat switches work as buttons. Pressing up on the button triggers a button press instead of HAT UP like other joysticks. But this is more of a personal preference. You will absolutely want to calibrate this using the windows game controller software. Failure to do so will not give you the full range of motion the device has. I did discover that DCS Would not allow me to move the axis and have it assigned to the preferred input unlike other controllers. I had to select the axis in the dropdown and through trial and error find the correct axis. Otherwise, The Plug and play feature allows for a hassle-free experience for users eager to dive into diverse virtual flying scenarios.

Performance: Beyond its impressive physical build, the Puma Pro Flight Controller delivers exceptional performance. The controls are smooth and not grainy. I am not sure what the resolution of the sensors are, but they pick up even the smallest movements. The innovative control mechanism not only enhances realism but also allows users to execute precise maneuvers with a level of control that is hard to beat with other options on the market. With the design being that to replicate real helicopter controls along with the extensive set of customizable buttons and switches, makes the Puma Pro Flight Controller an ideal choice for users who demand an authentic and immersive helicopter piloting experience.  16 bit with ~56000 points per full revolution.

Price. Now the big question. Is it worth it? With a price tag that varies from $1,499 up to $2,196.00 that is a big question. It offers an extremely well-built control interface that accurately replicates how flying a helicopter works. Which is something lacking in the Flight Sim world. I know some manufacturers are starting to bring some systems that can start to replicate how helicopter controls work. Such as the WinWing Orion 2 with the damping extension kit, Sky Walker rudders, and their throttle and cyclic kit. However, when I priced those out, I found it to be approximately $1200 products and that would be three separate pieces not connected as one unit. Nothing that I am aware of currently compares to the Puma Pro Flight Controller. It is common to spend some substantial amounts of money to replicate your favorite aircraft more accurately. So, I am glad that there is finally something that will allow helicopter enthusiasts to get a more realistic feel for flying helicopters. As considered, the Puma Pro Flight we received for review is currently priced at $1,499.99 and I do think that is a fair price for this, as there is not anything like it on the market and to get something close as previously stated it would be close to $1200.

Conclusion: The Puma Pro Flight Controller stands as a pinnacle in PC helicopter simulation, offering durability, precision, and an unprecedented level of realism.
 With its innovative control mechanism and versatile controls, this device empowers users to navigate virtual skies with confidence and authenticity.
The nature of how helicopter controls work is different from fixed wing. Because of that, there was an empty void in the Simulation hardware world for the style of controls for helicopters,
and the Puma Pro Flight Controller fills that void nicely. I would recommend picking one up if you love helicopters.
To view this awesome product you can use the link here.